IAP Maintenance specialises in regional aircraft powered by the R.R. Dart, PT6 and TPE331 engine. However, we also have significant experience in PW100, Spey / Tay / A501 and ALF powered aircraft.

IAP can provide the following:

  • Turboprop routine maintenance, line, phase and block checks
  • Full Airframe refurbishment and major checks on Turboprop aircraft
  • Rolls Royce Dart “in field” repairs
  • Engine overhaul and Repair management
  • PT6 and TPE331 overhaul and repair
  • Propeller “in Field” build up
  • Avionics and instrument upgrades
  • Passenger to Cargo conversions
  • Repairs and modifications
  • Remote location recovery and Ferry
  • Sheet metal repairs
  • Interior refurbishment

Previous projects include:

  • Bae Jetstream , Fairchild Metro , EMB110 heavy overhaul and full refurbishments
  • Numerous C , D , P checks , CPCP and SSID inspections
  • Large cargo door installations
  • Passenger to Cargo conversions of HS748 , Bae ATP , Metro , MU2 , Fokker aircraft
  • Avionics upgrades on Bae and Fokker aircraft
  • VIP conversions
  • Rebuilds on Shorts , DHC , BN2T , Helicopters and many GA type aircraft


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